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    My two RIR girls just won't keep their clothes on. I made saddles for them from different patterns I found online. They strip them off in a day or two. I wanted to help them since they are bald back already and fear they might start getting cuts soon. Every day I've wrestled on their saddle and every day they take it back off.
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    I've been using a saddle from a link somewhere on this site, I'm sorry I lost it. It is a simple oval of material(any kind with a little stretch), I make 2 slits down for the wings(toward the tail) and a small opening for the tail(mine is diamond shape cause I couldn't cut a circle like the pattern). My Sami was not able to get it off and after the first day she quit trying. I wear a jacket when I put it on her so I can tuck her head into it to keep her calmer, I like to change it every 5 to 7 days so she can have some variety. This has worked out the best for me. Good luck.
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    you might need to tighten the straps just a little, I have one that got out of hers the first day and yesterday it was all sideways, and all I have to do is tighten the elastic a little and it will be just fine,

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