Help with shrink wrapped chick....

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8 Years
May 12, 2011
In an arid megathermal climate
I have a chick that pipped last night around 5 pm. It is peeping, but it has gotten no further than the pip today. The membrane looks like paper and I fear its dried out because I had a humidity drop to 55% over night. Is it too early to help? I got my humidity back up to 75% and I have another chick who just pipped.
I would keep a close eye, but nothing else. I have had chicks take over 24 hours to hatch after pipping. If more time passes and still nothing you might try adding a damp cloth or paper towel to the egg for moisture. Good luck
I know it's hard to wait but sometimes they just take a little longer. Always seems to be the first one, like they know they are a little early and need to rest more. Or maybe it's just your nerves are on edge. They scare you to death. If you try to go in now, you can put the other one in danger by opening the lid. Sometimes they need the encouragement of the others hatching to kick it into gear, like popcorn that way. Try to sit on your hands just a little longer. I've had this happen several times and the first 2 times I got scared and wanted to save it and went in only to discover that he was way early than the others trying to get out and even though it pipped first, they still hadn't absorbed the yolk. One made it, the other didn't. I've learned that the real early ones just need more time and will usually come out when the rest start hatching. Good luck!
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The top pieces of the membrane where its pipped will dry out and turn white and paperier looking and will kind of flap around when the chick breathes or moves it with its beak. Doesn't mean the rest of it is dried out inside around the chick.

When you say wrong end, are you talking about the fat end or the pointed end? I've had them pip kind of in the middle before, depends on how much weight they lost. I usually will draw the air cell line at the last candleing when I put them in lockdown so I know where the chick should be pipped and zipping.
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If the chick is peeping strongly, don't help it yet, dry membrane or not.

Should it come to assisting it, if it gets weaker and cannot get out, then you can start helping. But wait 24 hours.
OK, if you feel like you have to help...
I need to know.
What kind of bator?
How many others?
What is the temp and humidity right now?
What breed chicks?

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