HELP with sick chicken - don't know whats wrong??

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  1. flutebelle

    flutebelle New Egg

    Nov 28, 2012
    I am a newbie here and have little knowledge of chooks. I have lost one chook and now it seems there are at least 2 more from my flock of 7 that are unwell. They have an exposed cloaca and it begins with poo getting stuck to their feathers. Then the feathers fall out (or are pecked??) and they do not lay. They prefer to sit in the nesting box or on the ground and seem too weak to roost. In that latter stages their wings become very weak and they lie on the ground. The last one took about 3 weeks to die. Please help with a suggestion of WHAT this is, how to stop the others getting it (I have separated the lastest one) and most importantly how to treat it, preferably naturally.
    Thanks so much for any suggestions

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