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    Apr 12, 2011
    I have a tracfone now, but my friend just gave me her old AT&T phone because she got a new one... anyway, is there some way that I can still use my tracfone minutes/ old phone number and switch over to the AT&T phone? I don't want to get a monthly bill or anything. I like just paying for my minutes, but my phone right now isn't touch-screen like the AT&T phone that my friend gave me. Thanks for any and all advice. [​IMG]
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    Tracfone went through a period of time just a couple of years ago I think where we had to actually throw out our tracfones whilst they switched to a new type of phone. The old ones were incompatible.

    So you will need to call tracfone to ask them. They have let me transfer minutes before from phone to phone, though. That should be no problem. The only question is will they accept this particular phone.

    If you don't have their phone # you can find it on their website.

    I really have been happy with them. We have had one or two phones with them for a few years. I even dropped my phone in a lake once and they transferred the minutes for me. I think I have transferred minutes a total of three times???
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    Apr 12, 2011
    Awsome. Thanks, I shall call them. [​IMG]
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    Jun 4, 2011
    if the phone is one for at&t, then no, you probably won't be able to transfer your minutes.
    Each company has their own software embedded in the phones so that you can't use them on another network.

    After Alltel was purchased by Verizon, they phased out the old Alltel phones and you had to get a new phone.
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    Certain phones can be "Hacked" or "unlocked" so that you can use them on a network that doesn't support the original programming. My guy had an I-Phone on the Centennial network years before they even technically were programmed and available through Centennial. I personally have no idea how to hack a phone, but I bet there's a heap of threads and YouTube videos out there that will walk you through it....sort of....always a risk. You can end up with an expensive paper weight!
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