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Jul 23, 2009
So my next door neighbor rang my doorbell last night and asked me if I was missing a turkey. I told him that I only have chickens, not turkeys....and we walked over to see this on his front porch:



It let me catch it and I put it out in my barnyard (the neighbor didn't know what else to do with it). It was still hanging around this morning.....although it doesn't seem to friendly and it keeps its distance from me, it does seem to be used to people. We don't know anyone around us who has turkeys, so IDK where this one came from.

Anyone here know anything about turkeys? What breed/gender is this? I *think* it may be female, becuase my hens have yet to lay an egg but there was a pretty sizeable light brown/tan egg in the barn this morning - so either my girls are starting to lay or this is a female turkey.
She's a pretty Royal Palm. That tote in the picture will make a perfect nesting spot for her!
If you don't plan on keeping her, you may want to put a sign out near your place claiming "found a turkey". If that is someone's turkey, they'll know what kind it is.
If anyone comes looking for her I have no problem giving her back, obviously. But as long as she wants to hang out at my place, I don't mind keeping her around.

My neighbor knows pretty much everyone in the neighborhood - its not that big of a neighborhood! - and he said he doesn't know of anyone who has turkeys. I'm also the only one who doesn't keep my chickens in coops - my girls free range, which is why he assumed that it was my turkey.

Do I have to get her turkey company, or will she be okay with the my chickens? I'm going to have to do some research on turkeys now

My chicks are for laying only, they're not for the turkey may have found her lucky home if she were destined for the pot somewhere else!

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