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    Well we have three Araucana hen-pullets and 1 Araucana rooster who is quite frisky with the ladies.......... We decided to add all four into the main coop at the same time in the middle of the night at five months old (Hens) i'm not sure how old the rooster is, we ended up adopting him I think he is six or seven months old........ It has been quite the experience since. This is what happened and this is what we need help with:

    One of the hens went rogue!! The first morning after she was let out of the big coop she took off went into what we think is either the woods or the alfalfa field and comes back for breakfast and dinner, she is nowhere to be found until she comes out, and we try to watch her see were she goes but it's only been two days so we haven't been quite successful.... She is also the primary focus of the rooster so we think he keeps her at bay because she doesn't like him.

    The other two hens stay on the roost in the coop most of the day unless I bring them down to make sure they're getting food and water.

    The rooster, who is named Pablo, keeps to himself and hangs out with the ducks and the other baby chicks.....

    This is our first chicken integration that has gone wrong....... I'm not too sure what to do.

    Do we pull the two hens out and try again in a month?

    Our whole purpose of doing this was to get the rooster a few more hens so that the poor little ones weren't his main focus....

    We have two other Australorp roosters (Elvis and Dickie) and our coop is mainly Australorps (10), then we have three leg horns, two RIR, and 3 barred rocks.

    This is a picture of my three pullets and the rooster about a month ago [​IMG]
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    I am a bit confused. Did you add these four to the 18 head laying flock? Generally speaking, the birds in the main coop, should be the ones objecting to the new comers, but from what I get, the new rooster is causing troubles with the new girls?

    Generally in this set up, adding 4 younger birds to an established flock, I would expect the established roosters to attack the new rooster. And the established hens to pick on the new hens, but maybe the established roosters would break that up, it just kind of depends.

    I don't think adding a third rooster is a good idea to the main flock. If you want that rooster to raise this breed of chickens, I would keep this group separate for a while. If there is not enough hens for that single rooster, you might reverse it, add some of the hens from the main flock to the Aracana group. Then just hatch the Aracan eggs.

    Mrs k

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