Nov 21, 2020
I have a 3 month old Aylesbury duck. She used to walk fine but now she keeps losing her balance. She can stand, she stands all day but once she starts walking she falls all over the place, its to the point where she could injure herself, she falls and hits her head on the wall of the cage, she falls backwards, we hold her when we are with her but unfortunately we cant hold her all day. She eats fine, drinks fine and swims fine. But i have noticed that now when she swims she keeps her head in the water and floats with her head in the water, almost looks like shes playing dead, until she bumps into the side of the pool and does it again. We have kept her in small spaces and have been doing water therapy everyday because we thought it was a sprain but no improvement. We even started soaking her legs in epsom salt and warm water, she does enjoy it, but no improvement. I have noticed that when she eats she fills her food bowl with water and kind of makes bubbles or bubble sounds. And one day when she was swimming both her eyes started to bleed. So im not sure if maybe its an ear infection? We’re at a total loss. Just this morning we’ve tried using charcoal in her water to see if maybe its toxins but im not sure if thats it either. Also she lost her quack, she still quacks but its barely audible now. She hasnt been able to groom because she falls. She sometimes wobbles when shes standing. We have checked to see if its bumble foot but its not and nothing seems broken from what we can see. But sometimes her legs are warm near the thigh area. Any help is appreciated i really dont like seeing her like this and dont want her to get severely injured.
That is a lot of symptoms, and I hope you are able to find a good vet nearby. Does she definitely get enough Niacin? Those are large ducks, right? They grow so fast and sometimes their bodies can't keep up. You should definitely get her on liquid vitamin B complex or another niacin supplement right away. I had a pekin last spring who had issues with balance and walking and this turned our problem around. I hope you can discover what's going on!
Could you post a video of her? To post a video, upload it to a video platform like Youtube or Vimeo, and copy/paste the link here.

Pictures of her poop?

Bleeding from the eyes, and paralysis is quite serious, and if a vet is an option, that would be best for the duck. It could be some sort of toxicosis, like heavy metal poisoning, or a bacterial infection like clostridium. More information pertaining to the duck would help determine possible causes.

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