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Dec 13, 2010
Hello my name is em

i have a hen who is acting weird like making weird nosies(graggling) like her neck or throat is sore , not eaten or drinking and not even looking for food, and wouldn't come out of her house in the morning
i think she might have gotten into a fight with another chicken
she is just really worrying me

please please if you have any information please please let me know

thank you
I would separate her from the others you can use a dog crate. You might bring her inside. I think we need more info.

how old?
Any discharge from nostrils,eyes, behind?
Has she been laying? has she laid lately?
Is anyone else have any other symptoms?
Is her crop full? does she have a bad odor coming from her mouth?
Is poop normal?
she is just over a year old
yes she did lay an egg yesterday
she is just sitting down now outside and usually she should come to me to say hello
her crop has a little bit of stuff in it but no odor coming from mouth
her poop is normal it is a little bit soft

and i have introcuded a rooster as well could this be affect of them mating or something

pleas please please come some help
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Normal mating shoudnt but it could be a possilble. It is possible that introductions didnt go well and she got injured during a squabble.
hey there

well she is doing better now she is up and about scratching around which is great i was getting really worried about her and i have to go to work tonight so i cant keep any eye on her

i have picked her up and felt around and their isnt anything unusual which is great i think she was a little bit hurt but she is ok now but i will keep an eye on her for a couple of days

i have brought another chook house for my rooster cos he was getting hurt by the chooks their was blood inside the other chook house and i was omg so i brought another one to keep him safe at night
Im glad she is better. Any time you add a new one it is better to introduce them slowly. Allow them to see each other for a while but not get to each other. Then let put the new ones in at night while they old ones are sleeping. this will be less stressful for them and of course there will be a little pecking put it shouldnt be like what you have experienced. Newbies usually end up on the bottom of the pecking order at least for a while.
thanks you so much but now i have a bigger problem my rooster has run away and im really worried about were he is we have checked the whole yard for him but no sight of him
i will getting up early to look for him around the neighbourhood and hopefully someone has seen him and hopefully i can bring him back home
would he be in a tree or something like that any ideas where i can look

what would be the next action to take?

any help would be great
It is unusual for a rooster to leave his hens. I would suspect that perhaps another animal may have snatched him. If he is not bonded to the current hens then he could have heard some other chickens. I would check with any neighbors that live by to see if he is visiting them. They will roost in trees and shrubs. I hope you find him.

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