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    Dec 15, 2015
    My baby rabbit just died this past Friday, So I checked my other rabbit, mind you both rabbits are inside pets! I noticed something wasn't right with the younger one cause he wasn't eating right, so I made an appointment with the vet for this week... I came home and both were still alive and bouncing around, came downstairs 30 minutes later, and the baby was dead and stiff as a board! Immediately went and checked my other rabbit, I was shocked to feel how much weight he had lost in 4 days yet he was still eating and drinking normally. I went out and got certain things for him the vet said he'd like. I've since replaced the baby with an older and slightly bigger baby girl, The Lion head is slowly getting back to his loving self but he still is not drinking his water... I'm getting worried again!

  2. Can we see a picture of your remaining rabbit? Also, I'd post a picture of the dead one if you have it.
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    [​IMG] Two thoughts, are your rabbits drinking from a bowl or bottle or tube waterer? If a bottle or tube, do they know how to use it, and if a bowl, is it kept clean? Sometimes rabbits can get things in their water that can lead to bacterial infections.
    About the amount of water your lion head is drinking. What is their main food? rabbit pellets or greens? A rabbit on pellets will drink more water than one who consumes a lot of greens which contain a high percentage of water.
    Good luck with them.

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