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    Mar 14, 2016
    Hey ive bought two baby silkies and while one is super energetic the other is very lethargic only sleeping ive not seen her eat or drink so im worried that she will die, i see her run up to the feed dish and she just lays down and sleeps.
  2. Having raised 65 chicks and ducklings, this has happened quite a few times. [​IMG] The best you can do (and it's worked for me so far) is feed her through a dropper, either Nutridrench, yogurt, or crumbles made into a soup with Rooster Booster probiotics and vitamins, and water. Some chicks just aren't as strong as others at first. [​IMG] Another thing I've noticed is that sometimes, when you first get the chicks after they have been shipped, they will sleep almost constantly to regain energy after a hard journey. Enjoy your beautiful babies!

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