1. doug vance

    doug vance Hatching

    May 15, 2016
    I have a strange thing going on with one bird. For months our Easter egger has had this problem. She quit laying eggs, she laid a few soft rubber eggs a few months ago then quit out of the blue she laid one perfect egg early this spring. Now she has a white discharge that smells like eggs coming out of vent. Been going on for weeks. She gets plenty of calcium, she is eating and pooping normal. Her back tail is down most of the time and she lays down often. Comb is ok, good color and up, no eye problems or other symptoms. She and others only eat non gmo layer feed, treats of fresh greens, worms and some crack corn, she is drinking good we give probiotics in water calcium as shells and some yogurt. The other birds have nothing going on. We gave her a warm Epsom salt bath yesterday and she was better. Suggestions?

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