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    Jun 11, 2016
    At work we have been hatching eggs and as it is the weekend someone took them yesterday, leaving behind the egg that did not hatch in the incubator. I took the incubator thinking it wouldn't hatch but it has, the chick is very small compared to the others I have seen hatch and one of its feet turn inwards, I have tried encouraging it to eat and drink but it doesn't seem to know how. It cries when it is not being held and I don't know what to do. It might be weak because it hasn't eaten but it doesn't seem interested. It just seems so weak and can barely keep its eyes open. Do I continue trying or is this natures way of helping it out?

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    Welcome to BYC [​IMG] You can try to help the little one, or let nature let it's course, that is up to you… What the chick needs right now, to give it a chance to live, is warmth and comfort. Food and water it won't need for another day or two, as it's living off the yolk it absorbed just before completing the hatch. The leg issue can be fixed, more info on that here:

    Best of luck!
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    They are also very sleepy for the first few days. Something to snuggle against so it won't feel alone would help. I wouldn't take it out unless you have heat for it.
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    Thank you all so much, obviously I want to try and help it, it doesn't seem to be in pain. It is asleep on me as we speak so I'm trying to keep it comfortable and snug. I will monitor it closely over the weekend and see if it improves, I have put things in for it to snuggle up against too. I removed it from the incubator because it seemed to be very cramped and a able to stand even if it wanted to but I'm keeping it warm next to the heat. Thankyou for your help
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    A lone chick will also be a loud chick. Doesn't mean it's physically hurting, just wants company. I had a lone chick survivor in my very first hatch. He was not happy unless he was with us. After sleeping on the floor beside the brooder the first two nights, to keep him quiet, I moved the brooder beside my If he wasn't out with us, during the day, he wasn't happy. I put a mirror and stuffed animal in his cage and it still wasn't good enough. Needless to say he became the "pet" of the family. He was 2 months before my second hatch hatched and he had company. If it strengthens up and thrives, he'll be much happier once he can be put back with the other hatchlings.

    Here's our loner:

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