Jul 12, 2016
Hello everyone. I am new to BYC. I have a juvenile Buff Orphington that has developed what looks like a sore on her beak. Can anyone tell me what this is and what to do? Thank you.
I'm not sure if the image imbeded.
It could possibly be an injury from something sharp on a feeder, or in the coop. Some of these are thought to be from viruses, and can sometimes fall off in time. Put some betadine on it to help dry it out. Have you seen any other scabs on your chickens that could be fowl pox? That could be another possibility.
Thank you. I don't see any other spots. They free range in a fenced in area during the day with lots of trees and shrubs. She and the other juvenile love to hide in one particular dense bush. I will keep an eye on her and the other birds.

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