Jul 19, 2016
I lost one of my chickens this morning sometime between 6am and 9am. I found her dead around 1pm. Feathers and flattened hair. My other chickens are extremely upset. A lot of puffed up feathers and sounds coming from the coop. We allow them to free range, but since I found the chicken I have kept them in the coop. The image that I am attaching is of some type of birds I think we're the predator but I'm wondering if they are Hawks and what advice you have. We have open fields so other than being in their coop, running cage, or under my car there are no hiding spots. Thank you.
I suggest making little structures and placing them throughout your Property or you can get Large Trees or Large Bushes. You can get Scarecrows and get a portable Radio and place it on the Scarecrows so they think it is a person.

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