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5 Years
Nov 29, 2014
I have one chicken about 2 yrs old, she has started loosing feathers on the top of her head, it looks like it is starting to spread down to her neck. She molted in feb. so don't think that,s it and it looks different than molting. Not sure what to do. none of the other chickens have the same issue. Any idea what this could be?
The others could be pecking out her feathers and eating them, or she could have been stressed enough to go into another molt. Are you seeing any loose feathers in the coop or in the run? Sometimes after a broody hen hatches baby chicks, or some other big stress, they can molt. Nustock Cream is an opaque sulfur-based medicine that tastes bad, and has healing properties to use on bare skin to help prevent more pecking. Overcrowding, not getting out to free range, and not enough protein in the diet (less than 16%) can lead to feather picking.

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