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    So I had 3 chicks and a baby rooster they were all about the same age only about 2 weeks apart. One of my hens a silkie got sick with a respiratory something so I had to put her by herself for 2 weeks. During the 2 weeks we put the other 3 chickens outside in their coop. After the two weeks the other birds were really big and the silkie was still so small so we decided to leave her inside until she got a little bigger though I tried to put her near the 3 other chickens and the rooster just did not like her. After a few weeks I put her in the coop and he would just peak at her. I felt it wasn't safe to leave her in there. He was so much bigger than her. He unfortunately passed away last week. I thought this would be a good opportunity to put her out with my two other hens. They don't interact with her and she cries. So I put her in my house at night. She loves being inside. What should I do? Should I just tough love it and put her out in the coop with the other 2 chickens? Because she's been an indoor chicken do you think she will never like being outside? When I put her in her box she's so happy. When I put her outside she thinks the wind is going to murder her. LoL and she also doesn't eat though I show her where the food is every time I put her out there.
    I get too attached to my pets. I just want them to be happy


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    Sounds like you've created a house chicken.
    The only thing you can try to do is remove one of the big hens and put the silkie out there to become friends with the other and after a week or so, reintroduce the other.

    Flock dynamics make adding birds very difficult even if they've only been away from the others a couple days.

    IMHO silkies aren't the best flockmates with large fowl.
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  4. You can also try putting her in a look no touch pen for a week.....So the other hens can get used to seeing her all the time...Then let them all out while free ranging....That usually works for me....Pay no attention to her calls...She will get over it....

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