May 16, 2017
My dog grabbed my new hen (she's a Red Star aprox 18 weeks)! She's not dead, but I fear may be soon. She's laying down/squatting and will stand up. This only happened two hours ago. Her breathing was rapid but seems to have relaxed. I haven't seen her eat or drink. What should I do? Should I put her in the shed separate from the rest of the girls for the night? Leave her be? I'm BRAND NEW to chickens, haven't even gotten an egg yet.

If she is not bleeding or showing signs of damage(broke leg/wing/etc) I would just leave her with the others---no need to stress her more moving her by herself. As far as eating---give her time---if you got in a wreck, feel all sore, shook up running to get a steak/burger will be the fartherest thing on your mind. Good Luck!
Sometimes they can be in shock right after an attack. Look her over for any broken skin in hidden spots. Use your own judgement whether to separate her in a crate, or leave her in the coop. My golden retriever a few years ago, "played with" 3 pullets after they flew over the fence separately into our yard. Two lived with missing feathers, but the one with the least apparent injuries died shortly after. Place her near food and water, and in the morning try to encourage her to drink fluids. Hopefully she will be okay.

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