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  1. I'm having an issue, every time I give my ducklings water most of them all of a sudden start seizing and have water in their lungs. We've already lost 2 and a third seems to be giving up, this has been going on for the past week, it doesn't seem to matter what we do for water even if it's offering a small amount monitored at a time. The only one of our ducklings in the brooder that isn't being effected by this is our Welsh Harlequin, our pekins and ancona cross are the ones so far who are having the issue or have died. We don't know what's going on and it's decimating only this brooder of duckling, the other new ducklings are completely fine and have no issues whatsoever.
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    Strange. Are their nares clogged?
    They definitely should not have feed without access to water.
  3. They are being offered water at feeding time. Nostrils seem fine we had them in the bath little under an hour ago and all was a-okay and hunky dory
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    Try giving warm water. I have seen this a couple times with mine when I give cold water.
  5. We do, i never give cold water
  6. Im getting ready to do a necropsy on the dead ones. To see what might be the underlying cause.
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    Is the water available all the time? How old are the ducklings? What are they eating?
  8. Before this started yes, after we've been offering it in increments periodically throughout the day. Feed is kalmbach chick starter grower that we've used for the past two years. And have had zero issues. I had just preformed the necropsy and all organs looked fine except for the heart upper chamber was purpleish and lower was the normal organ red. I butcher my own birds and have learned what each organ should look like. When I was opening up the duckling I skinned from legs to wings to see everything and immediately got dark red blood. I think in the struggle their heart bursted I do ot wish to preform this on the other two.

    For their water we put Nutri-drench in their water since we had a wry neck baby she is fine and is apart of this brood we are having an issue with. Its hitting us both hard one of the ones we lost was my birthday duck she was fine one miniute and the next giving up on us we fought with her for close to 30 minutes and she died.
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  9. The ducklings are 1 month to 3 weeks old

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