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Oct 2, 2017
I have quail eggs that have been in my incubator for 2 days. I have the humidity between 50-60% usually staying above 55 but some times lower. Is 50-60 to high. If so what’s a good humidity. Or have I already killed the poor things
No you haven't killed them at all. They'll be just fine. I have incubated with high humidity before the whole time with quail (I'm very bad about staggered hatches in one incubator) and they've hatched out just fine with 75-80% humidity. I only had one internally pip then die and it's air cell was just as big as everyone else's, so it wasn't because it didn't lose enough moisture. If you can reduce it to 45-50% it may be better (depending on your climate), but if it's going to be too difficult I wouldn't stress about it.
No - remember, under natural circumstances, a hen would get off the nest to tend to her own needs once or twice a day, so a cool down period is normal for eggs. I think some fancy incubators do a cool down period daily to mimic that.

You're all good and hopefully you'll have gorgeous little chicks soon. They really are super cute and fuzzy.

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