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Mar 29, 2018
we got two chicks from a farm. the lady told us she was a feathered bantam?? i have spent a few hours trying to find out she is about 2 weeks old. how do you tell if its male or female ?


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Well all bantams are feathered so that doesn't help. I'm thinking she meant feather footed bantam. How many toes? Do you know that it is a pure bred? Looks like a Favorelle to me, maybe a Light Brahma.
i am thinking a light bramha im not sure? I know she is not a silkie :( how do you sex them? we are not allowed to have any roosters where we live or we will get fined 250.00 :(
You can't.
At one day old before all their organs fully tuck away after hatching you can use a magnifying glass and a bright light to try to spot the difference in their vent, but after the first day you can't sex them this way any longer. Any attempts to try could hurt the chick.
The only way to tell is to wait for comb development, behavioral changes, hackle feathers, sickle tail feathers, crowing, etc. Some chickens can be sexed by color but this is not one of those.

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