Oct 12, 2018
Can anyone tell me what the White/yellow and black stuff is on my hen? I noticed it a few days ago and also egg production has decrease from 3-5 per day to 1 per day from 5 hens. how do i get rid if it and keep it gone?
Looks like probably fowl pox. Dry pox usually runs it's course with no real issues in several weeks. It's usually transmitted by mosquito's. It's best to leave the lesions alone, they can spread the virus. Keep feeders and waterers clean to help prevent the spread. In some cases, if there is a lesion very close to the eye, it can cause a secondary infection in the eye, then you would need an eye ointment like terramycin. Wet pox is more serious and would have yellowish plaques in the mouth and probably respiratory symptoms. You can search for lots of articles on fowl pox. Once they recover they are usually resistant to that particular pox strain. Preventing/reducing your mosquito population when possible will help with prevention and control. I put window screen over all my coop openings during high mosquito times of year which has greatly reduced my incidence of pox.
She may have fowl pox by all of the scabs. They also look a bit like peck wounds, but I am pretty sure that is pox, because of the right earlobe scab, the ones around her eye, and the right wattle. Aside from perhaps applying some Terramycin eye ointment from the feed store to her eyes twice a day, and not disturbing any of the scabs (which are infectious,) she should be fine. Make sure that she is eating and drinking well. Wet pox can be a complication, and that can leave yellow plaques inside the throat and beak.

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