Jun 22, 2020
So I need some help. I have a chicken that hatched a baby. She only has one chick. For the first 3 weeks she was fine with the chick, but recently she is ignoring it. I go up to the coop every morning, afternoon, and night. The past few days in the morning the chick is screaming and she is ignoring it ( I have my dad open the run before he goes to work. I go out at 9am.) So I go out the baby is under a bush thats in the run screaming its head of for its mom, and she is in the coop on the roost or eating without a care in the world. Somtimes in the afternoon she is doing her own thing, but still taking care of her baby. Adding to the situation in the mornings there are other birds in the coop and run and without mothers protection the baby gets pecked. At night the mom and baby are snuggling. What should I do? Anything will be helpful. Thanks.


6 Years
Feb 7, 2014
That is a difficult situation. Can you pen the hen and chick up together in a smaller space? That may help. If you take the chick you will still have a problem integrating a lone chick later, it is very difficult for singletons. If you leave the chick in the run alone it could be injured or killed.

In the future try to have at least 2-3 chicks at a time, if only one hatches you can even buy very young chicks and slip them under the hen to add extra siblings.

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