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Jun 13, 2022
I'm new here and need some advice! I had 3 female goslings that are about 3 and a half weeks old. One suddenly died this morning and I don't know why. They are in a 6'x3' water trough with a heat lamp and a hut warmer. I use pine shavings as bedding and clean it ever other day. They have a big waterer that they like to blow bubbles in the clean their beaks and a large trough feeder for their food. I use a dry crumble and have givin them a large pile of grass clipings everyday. I dont know what happend to the one as she was acting fine first thing and then about 30 mins later i come back and shes dead! She loved to run around. Did i do something wrong? I don't want to lose my other 2. One is every once in a while sneezing and breathing raspy. I did add raw apple cider vinegar to their water this evening. I also cleaned everything inside their trough after the one died. Please help. Called one vet and they were not helpful.

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