Aravis Clanneed

Apr 8, 2022
My female Buff duck has a brown dot in her eye. I don’t know what I’m causing it they have a small house + cage but we let them free rage every day for a bit and I rotate there pen to somewhere new every 3 days. Also her head sometimes vibrates.


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It's hard to really see the dot you're speaking of in that photo. The eye doesn't look irritated in any way from the photo. Does she seem bothered by it? I think that your ducks need a much bigger space though. That would be alright for sleeping in, but if they were in it for extended periods of time during the day it's just too crowded. Also, it looks like a chicken house. Ducks are probably not able to walk up such a steep ramp to the sleeping area. They need a deep water bowl where they can dip their entire heads in and swish their food around while eating. Is there a way that you could enclose this in a wire run so that when they're not free ranging they would still have more space to move around, and go into this small area simply for sleeping?
Ok, I Definitely de what you are saying. This may be a better picture.


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I see the dot now. Personally I wouldn't be too concerned unless it was a swelling, looked infected, or seemed to bother her. I would focus on making sure she has enough room in her enclosure, water deep enough to dunk her head, etc.
Mallard derived ducks have black pupils, black irises and brown sclera. [The sclera is white in human eyes.] So the black "spot" you are noting is on the sclera not the iris or pupil.

I think it is a small congenital issue and nothing to worry about. Humans commonly have small defects in their sclera and irises and so I would be surprised if ducks do not have them. I bet if we all go out and look closely at all our ducks eyes [if the ducks would let us, that is] many of us would report back on small defects that we hadn't seen before.

Don't worry about it, @Aravis Clanneed! Your duck isn't bothered by it. You aren't doing anything to cause it
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