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    Jun 26, 2009
    clarkson, ky
    we have 3 turkey hens they are 6 months old and appear to be all white...they just look awful straggly...there feathers just look so ugly i do not see any worms anywhere what can i do or feed them to help them look better, they stay with the chickens and free range when we are home

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    Nov 19, 2007
    If they are Broad-Breasted White turkeys (commercial Thanksgiving turkeys) they often look scraggly because they are bred purely for super-fast weight gain and all their energy goes into meatiness (not into feathers or anything else). If you want beautiful turkeys, try a heritage breed, like Bourbon Reds or Midget Whites. Many of us on here have heritage turkeys which we post pics of which grow slower and look absolutely gorgeous with lots of beautiful feathers. I do butcher some of mine, but the rest are kept for continued breeding year after year. If you have the BBWs, they typically do not live that long because they get too heavy. It just depends what your goal is.
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