9 Years
Oct 10, 2010
i live in cornwall,england.i desperately need bearded silkies either eggs or birds.please help me.don't know if eggs will be ok posted from usa?thank you everyone.adam.
Sorry ~ but customs regulations make it very difficult and extremely expensive to ship eggs and birds between the US and Europe. Your best bet is to find someone in Great Britain that can sell you what you want.

most places in the uk have silkies

havent seen any specific bearded ones

try ebay they do silkie eggs too uk

i brought some from a auction but again doesnt state what kinda silkie

try also choose your area
FOUND THIS anygood

I sell from hatching eggs, chicks, to adult birds. all free range on my alpaca farm. legbar and araucana lay blue eggs, welsummer and copper black dark brown eggs.

Breeds: silkie bantams all colours, welsummers, french copper marrans, cream legbar, araucana
We Supply

* Live Hatching Eggs
* Day Old Chicks
* Point of Lay Pullets
* Chickens

Contact Information

Jacqui Phillip
Clover Park,
Tideford Cross,
Tel: 07889 136 739
Email: [email protected]
County: Cornwall

this is on
you search by county

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