9 Years
Jan 27, 2010
Merrimack NH
So i tried to hatch eggs in my incutbaotor .... none of them hatched ( there where twenty ) then because of my upsetness my dad bought me 12 four week on chicks and i continued to try the incubator and after i tried with 30 eggs i finally got one to hatch today
its so cute and small!

but here is my problem.

I have 9 older chickens ( 1 year plus ) 8 hens + 1 roo..

how old do my ( now 2 month old ) chicks have to be to go in with the big ones?
they have a 20 X 30 run made with winter fencing ( we have horses so we have plenty of it sitting around so we made a big pen for the little ones ) and one section of it is attached to the older chickens run ( the older hens have 8' high chain-link fence run attached to there coop so they can walk in and out ) the little chicks have one section of their penn the side of the older chickens chain link fence ( so basically they are separated by the chain link.....).

the 12 two month old chicks have been that way for 3 weeks and have had our older nice hens in with them for a few hours a day for the past week and everybody is good friends ( my Roo will fly over the chicks fence to go tell them to stop fighting its funny)

out of my 12 chicks i got i just found out one of them is a roo and it just so happens that both my roos like each other so long as they keep to their own girls...

but now there is also the problem of my new chick
..... what do i do with it? never had one this small before
... it is currently in the incubator still and i have 1 other egg in there that should hatch tomorrow but what should i do with them? my dad says we should just convert our incubator into a brooder ( are incubator is an old ice chest with a light bulb in it and a temp and humidity gauge ) so how would i do that and what do i do?

im so confused i think i am having a chicken math problem....
please help...
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Sounds familar - 15 ten month olds, 7 three month olds, 5 six week olds, 3 three week olds and 1 a week old banty and 12 babies expected in the mail tomorrow. Our little guy is in a cardboard box by himself with a light, a pillow and old cd's taped to the sides so he can see himself. He seems to be doing ok without anyone else but peeps for us if he wants to be held. He already has us trained. For small batches we just use a box covered by a square of screen and the light setting on top. It makes for easy clean up when we just get a new box. Good luck on the rest of your hatch - hope you get company for your little one.

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