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  1. Hello.
    I have 2 pullets 1 cockeral, ( aprox 7-8 weeks) and I am wondering what I should do to make sure they get enough "happy space". You know, being able to run and stretch etc. I think they are still to little to put in with the other 7 hens. I put them in their run one time, ( when the others were free ranging) only to realize that many hawks and ravens were hanging out nearby. This wouldn't be a problem, if their run was covered.

    They are living in crate in the garage right now. ( I take them out in the yard to free range for about 20 min every day)

    I want them to be able to be outside in the day and I will tuck them in the garage at night. It is going to start snowing soon and I need to brainstorm!

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    I have a small backyard area that is fenced that I use for a 'grow out' pen. It isn't covered but it has plenty of cover. Many small bushes and shrubs to hide under. I take the little ones out in the morning...they aren't so little anymore...and don't bring them in until sundown. They run/play out there all day long. I haven't lost one yet. The only problem is, when it rains, they must stay inside. Right now, my DH is converting half of our dog kennel building into another coop for these guys. I can't wait!!! But I will miss them being where I can play with them all day..if I choose [​IMG]
  3. Great idea! I will try that!


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