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    I know this isn't supposed to go under this but ya'll come on here so much ...I need help with my chickens...I lost maybe 7 or 8 and chickens all together...How do I keep the predators away??
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    Well, course, there's this section which is where this question belongs:

    There are lots of answers to your question, but most of them start with making the coop Fort Knox. Chicken wire only keeps chickens in, not predators out. Welded wire or hardware cloth can keep predators out. And you may have to bury wire around it and the run, too. A cover over the run helps. Just a quick rundown, knowing what predators you do have helps. But posting in the section above will be more helpful, plus reading the stickies in that section.
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    You can't really keep predators away, especially now that they know there's a buffet. All you can do is keep them from actually getting to your birds, and that means a hardened fence and coop. As described above, hardware cloth is best, chicken wire is useless. Unless you have a ready to work lgd ready to go, you'll need to invest some time and money into securing your birds.
  4. u could try and make their coop really protected! i have only once lost a chicken when he was out of the coop durring the day we let them range free in the day. he was killed by a hawk[​IMG] . but we have a dog run with a roof and rapped with chicken wirein a barn. real safe!

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