1. momma31chick

    momma31chick Hatching

    Feb 28, 2012
    I just got home and let my chickens out of the coop to free range. I noticed one has frank red blood coming from her vent. A couple of them have been losing feathers around their vents as well as the feathers are getting "gummed" up. This is my first experience with chickens. I got 31 of them for Mother's Day last year. The feather thing has just started since they have been in the coop more - since winter started. What do I do? I have not clue one. They are about 8 months old. I will appreciate any advice...
  2. Jessie66

    Jessie66 In the Brooder

    May 11, 2011
    Prince George, BC
    Definitely keep the one that is bleeding seperate from the others. Is the blood coming from an injury around the vent? or actually out of the vent? I would clean it up and put some polysporin on it if you can see the cut. Make sure the poopy feathers do not stop the chicken from actually pooping, you may have to give some of them baths to remove poop on the feathers. I heard if you hang a cabbage or apples from strings in the coop, it helps with the boredom. You can also google chicken toys/ boredom busters. Do the chickens seem sick? Have you checked them for mites/lice?

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