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May 29, 2011
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I have 15 eggs in the nest and my hen won't go broody. What do I do? Should I move the nest out into the pin where they roost at night? Should I leave them in the coop? Some of the eggs have a lot of poop on them. Should I clean it off? However, they keep laying the eggs in the same nest......I'm just lost and need some guidance!


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Jun 5, 2011
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How old is the hen.

If its her first year she may not go broody or if she is older she may never go truly broody each bird is different .
Turkeys are hard to figure out some times its the bird or the nest or its surroundings that prevent the bird from going broody.
The only thing I can suggest is wait and if that doesn't work change small things like does the hen feel hidden or protected are other birds or animals around that may prevent her from wanting to set on the eggs.
Is her water shaken not stirred LOL

All else fails Incubate the eggs or have a nice cheese omelet.


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Jan 27, 2007
Yes, they prefer corners and quiet. Don't know what size coop you have these turks in but, once ours start laying, we use old, nearly indestructable, folding toddler fences to divide shed (just finished up with 3 hens on one nest, in the corner). We just rearrange the 2"x4" roosts to accommodate the toms. Just about any sturdy separator will do (hens hop up and out when they wish and go right back in. We rearrange the nests once they start laying (adding straw/wood chips) they don't mind. Best shot I have from last summer of one realized setup (can fold that fence to fit whatever):

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