7 Years
May 15, 2012
Bundicks Lake, La
Hi all...from DeRidder Louisiana. I am so new it hurts.
and old. I just rescued 3 birds and was told they where hens. So maybe someone can please help me. Wanting to raise a couple for the eggs...wife is on dialysis here at home and needs the protean.
Thanks so much. Looks like I came to the right lots of info.
Looks like to me 2 Hens and a roo the red one i think is a Hen the black and whte one i think is a hen the brown one in the back i think a roo :) but don't take it from me i don't know much on how to tell genders but its looking like to me :)
I am not really good at this, but my Silver Laced Wyndotte is just a bit younger than yours and she is definitely a hen. Yours appears VERY much the same as mine. Only the one brown in the back looked a bit suspicious to me....
Thanks for the reply and info. I don't know how old they are...I rescued them and a crippled rooster which was raised in a house and small cage. I feel sorry for him as he is very big and has deformed feet. Looks like I will have fine now.
Kind of a guess but somewhere around 6 weeks maybe a bit older. Their heads appear fully feathered but not the sides of their faces is why I say that.

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