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    I read an article a while back that stated "you could store eggs at a cooler temp.untill you had enough to run your incubator ." We have just purchased an incubator and want to start hatching some eggs . My question is what is the coolest temp. you can store eggs and still hatch them . The instructions on the incubator said to store at 50 to 55 degrees F . I want to say the article stated "that a temp lower then that will kill the roo's in that batch of eggs " Any help would be apprciated , Thanks in advance.
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    Oct 24, 2009
    That article is not correct.

    You can store eggs in your refrigerator if you like, and still use them for hatching. I have done so many times. Also there is no way to control the amount of roosters that will hatch - this is not affected by temperature. It would be great if it was - like reptile.

    If it was true about the temperature thing, then everyone would be doing it, including the large scale egg farms.
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    Fertilized eggs are good to incubate within ten days of laying. Proper tempature storing of fertilized eggs is room temp (71-78). You want to store them small end down to form a air pocket prior to incubation if possible. These are all optimum settings. That being said I have seen and heard of cooled eggs incubated and hatched. I doubt the fertility/mortality was that of properly stored eggs, but it can happen. Chickens are very cold hearty. Excessive heat is worse for them. Hope this helps, I have 20+ chicks hatching as I type :D.
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