Ashlyn Baack

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7 Years
Aug 2, 2012
Okay. I am no chicken expert so i will tell you all I can. our chicken was acting very slow, and did not bob its head when she walks like a chicken should. i looked into her mouth and there was mucus everywhere, and she is sleeping ALOT! and i think she is sick.
PLEASE HELP!!!!!! It is my sisters chicken and she is very sad.
put 3 tsp of ACV in 1 gallon of drinking water for her. It will not fix anything. It willl only help to clear out some of the mucus. It will help in many areas as you will likely need to do many things if you plan on helping the bird. Check the crop. You probably need to administer antibiotics. I am not the person to suggest anything about antibiotics.Than you need to find out why the bird is ill and fix that issue.
sleeping a little but still does not seem interested with the food. she pooped VERY little. she is not chirping as usual. nothing really wrong with her crop, it is empty. and her skin and butt is yellow. lots of mucus oozing out of her mouth. does that help?

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