1. Ok so this isn't about my chickens but it is still serious! My niece Lucy is getting hives on her feet! We don't know why but her mom fed her p-butter before it started and she got like hives or some sort of rash :/ We have always fed her p-butter before though and nothing has happened? Any good ideas? Any Moms' out there that have had this happen or could give me some results?

    - Thank you :)
  2. ChickensRDinos

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    Aug 19, 2012
    Los Angeles
    Hives is usually an allergic reaction. It could be something she is eating to something in her environment. Some allergic reactions are immediate and others can take even up to a few days to show up with continued exposure. Her doctor should be able to do an allergy test to give you an idea of what the problem is. Allergies can change over time.

    I have an anxiety disorder and get hives from stress but that is more odd and there are lots of other anxiety symptoms you would be noticing.
  3. Oh ok. That is good to know! Thank you :)

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