7 Years
Oct 18, 2012
Today i found three baby ducklings alone which were to my suprise still alive! i fed them, gave them water, and got them warm and now they look healthy and happy. It's getting into winter and i would like to keep them.
I have a broody hen. if she adopts the ducklings will she be able to keep them warm and alive?


7 Years
Mar 22, 2012
I thought it was late in the year for that. If it were me I would keep them warm and fed. Is there somewhere you can keep them inside until they're a little bigger? I kept mine in the laundry room with a light close to them but that they could walk away from. I never had adults until they got bigger. A large storage container works great. Where do you live? I'm in GA so the weather only really gets bad a few days a year. If I were in a colder place I would probably just keep them inside as long as possible, in the house or a barn or wherever you keep the broody girl at night. How is she reacting to them? Any chance they're the same breed as her?

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