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Jul 17, 2012
Ayr, Scotland
hello there,

i have recently had new members to my flock as i am up to 16 birds all in but i have 4 boys :( My booted bantam is nearly 3years old and i have 2 old game cross with wyandotte and they are just maturing one of them i am not sure is a lad yet :/ as all my others are crowing but this one is silent :s i shall upload pics of this bird later on along with another few that i am unsure of . i have just had 3 of my hens go through the moult and i went up today to let the flock out and i saw a egg which i have missed getting everyday :( i had to buy some from supermarket and they dont taste the same seriously i have now became a eggFreak lol.

anyway to the main point in this story if i have 4 rooster how many hens should i get for them to stop fighting ?

thanks :)


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Sep 18, 2012
The rooster math is one rooster for approx ten hens. Now this does not guarantee there will not be fighting as there probably will be and you need to decide if it is worth the risk of one being injured or possibly even killed later on. Young cockerels tend to get along fine until the hormones kick in... Then one day one catches another breeding his girl and all hell might break lose when your not around. Not saying it won't work but there is a risk... :)

If you aren't sure about a possible roosters just post a pic.. Lots of expert sexers on this forum.

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