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Apr 26, 2013
I am brand new here and have to admit I found this site out of desperation! I really am looking forward to spending a little more time here - but for now... My little cochin banty hen has set on some eggs and one chick has hatched. It is about 5 days old now and there are still eggs in the nest which I know were fertile (after canling them) I was just considering that maybe they had died because as of yesterday she left the nest for quite some time. When I checked teh eggs, they were "room temperature". So I had resigned to removing them like tomorrow or so. Then this morning when she went back in on her nest I saw she had moved 2 eggs out of the nest. When I went to go check them out I saw that lo and behold one of the eggs had "pipped" ( a term I just learned here). So I had removed one little piece of the cracked shell and sure enough the chick inside moved. Now I am sure I have "ruined" this process, I gently placed the egg back under the front of the hen. Is that the right thing to do? What should I do if anything?

I know the eggs remaining all were laid at different times and this is the first time ever I have had chickens, they are all last years chicks. Of course I didnt' do any kind of record keeping because I just thought it was "cute" she was setting and I don't no why I never expected anything to come of it- silly me! Now I feel like a full on mid-wife! Any suggestions?

Many Thanks for any information or advice!

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Is the pipped chick from an egg hen hen dumped out? If so she may dump it out again or attack it. I would take the hatching egg away and make an impromptu incubator for it.

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