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6 Years
Jun 30, 2013
My chickens just keep pecking one chicken and have it all tore up I put iodine on it but it isn't seeming to help what can I do to get them to stop??
Blue Kote MAY work better than Iodine, but sometimes once they start pecking that badly Pinless Peepers are the only sure fire solution.
We use something called Rooster Booster Pick-No-More-Lotion. It seems to work pretty well for minor injuries at least.
There may be something wrong with that one chicken that the others sense. Or you may have a few bullie that need to spend a few days in chicken jail to lower their status in the pecking order.
So if there is something wrong with a chicken the others will try to basically try to get "rid" of it??
Yes, but that doesn't mean that you don't have a bully. In my first chickens, I had a young cockerel who was the leader at a young age, crowed at 3 weeks, got along with everyone. At 5 months he developed a limp, quit crowing, became a coward, and even my banty hens started joining in with the others to peck him and chase him into hiding spots. We finally culled him at 6 months because I think he had a bad heart and we couldn't watch the bullying anymore. Sometimes the others know one is sickly.
Ok well it's all hens doing it to another hen.. I just don't know what to do with it and if there is something wrong with it and they try to kill it wouldn't be right

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