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Mar 12, 2013
Western New York
My Coop
My Coop
After researching for almost a year, we took the plunge and started building our hen palace and now have 10 2 week old chicks in a brooder. Yesterday I noticed one with a bloody rear end where tail feathers have been pulled out. I read on one of the forums to put blukote on the spot to keep other chicks from pecking at the red spot. I did that and now they are all pecking at the blue spot, including the chick that I put it on, and each others beaks where blue is coming off onto them!! Now I can't get the blue off! Help, please!!
You may have to isolate the chick with the sore on it. I don't know why the chickens do this but they will peck at the sore or blood spot. It must be natures way of them trying to help or bullying I don't know. But you are doing the right thing with the blue coat. Just isolate the chick with the sore until it heals.

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