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Mar 5, 2012
My 1 1/2 year old aracana has been broody for 3 or 4 weeks. ( I assume she's broody because she wants to sit eggs all day long. Should I separate her or just wait it out? I have no rooster so she can't hatch any chicks. What would you do? Thanks!
I've had varied success with breaking a broody. I got one of my broodies, and stuck her in cool water up to her neck for about 30 seconds, then let her out. It worked with one, didn't work with the others.

The other thing I've tried is I went out into the henhouse at night, got the broody out of the box, and stuck her on a perch with the other hens. Did that a couple nights in a row and it worked.

But, I had two little bantam frizzles that stayed broody a good two months.

OR, you could just get fertile eggs. LOL
You know I've tried putting her on the perch at night but she's still broody. If I can get feti.e eggs I just might give them to her!
Same here!!! My silkie has just started to sit on eggs and she won't even get up to eat, and she lets the roosters bite her. I'm just gonna leave her alone until we make a bigger coop. The roosters want more space, and she takes up alot of room.
Oh!! I'm always afraid to free range them because we have snakes and cats in our community..... And the hawks! :(
Thank's for letting me know. :) eggs are a good idea. Haha sphinx that is a good idea!!
I used to be afraid for the same reasons sparkl but I've found that they have been safe for a year and a half now. I have even had several hawks circle our yard and land in the trees behind the chicken coop but they have never swooped down and tried to get a chicken. I'm guessing the chickens are too big for them. (Thankfully!)
Did you ever think about getting a live stock guardian dog? They are great if you have enough acres!

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