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Dec 25, 2012
Omaha, NE
Emergency help!! This is my cuckoo maran this morning.. The was a soft egg stuck on her bum, we wiped of off and this is there.. looks like it's still attached and pretty firm..what do I do? She can still poo and is only 5 months old.
Try to lubricate the vent and get the egg out with a gloved finger. If you can get the egg out, then try to push the prolapsed cloaca back inside. Honey or Preparation H is good to apply to reduce swelling. This may come out again when she passes stool or another egg. You should give her some calcium in whatever form you have--500 mg of a calcium tablet crushed or Tums or egg shells crumbled. A warm bath may help her expel the egg, but a soft shell egg should come out fairly easy. Then you may want to put her in a dark place for a few days, so that she won't keep laying.
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