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Sep 23, 2013
I am a very new hatcher. We have 12 eggs in a bator right now. The youngest being 14days the oldest being 21. The hatch days where never wrote on them when we bought them. When we candled the one we think is 21 days is black inside and the air sack looks ok. The temp is about 99-101. The humidity is at 30%. Do i move the egg we think is 21days to a different bater beacuse i know in lockdown the humidity should be 65-70%. I dont want it to die and be my fault. Do i pip for it? Help please!!
Hi you are not supposed to turn them after 18 days they go into lockdown that is where you bring the humidity up and do not turn them they should pip internally first and then pip through he shell it is different on time it takes for each egg some start and are finished in a few hours and it takes others longer. There is a article written by SallySunshine on everything to do with incubating and hatching eggs. Look her up and find the article it was a great help to me. Good luck

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