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    I am on my 2nd batch of chicks I bought and had shipped. First batch 15 out of 15 survived and are 3 months old. My new chicks I got last Wednesday, I've lost 2 and 1 that looks like it is headed that way. I got them Wednesday one died friday morning, The other died Sunday morning, and now its Tuesday and one looks like it may die. My brooder is set up perfect from what I've learned nothing has changed except it was a lot colder when my last chicks came. I have thermometers in the brooder and its a perfect 95 but they can get away from it if they want. It's really weird all the chicks have looked perfect the night before then in the morning they are weak and just laying down. I'm at a lose don't know what I am doing if I am doing anything. Could these breeds be more fragile? So far I've lost a Black Copper Maran , and a Silver laced Wyndonette, with another Silver that looks weak and sick. Any information would be great.....oh yeah no pasty butt I have been watching for that.
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    The brooder that they are in, if not cleaned, could be infested with bacteria and sickness. Try giving them ACV (Apple Cider Vinegar). It can help giving the chicks nutrients and vitamins. Hope this helps.
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    Here, read the first post in this thread. This may be your problem.
    The solution can only help. I use Nutri-Drench on all my chicks and
    won't raise chicks without it. Time is of the essence. I think you are
    right in surmising the cold may be a stress factor. Personally, no, I
    don't think these are fragile breeds.
    Karen in western PA, USA
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