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I have muscovy eggs and don't know how far along they are. I candled and saw them moving. They are in a still air for 4 chicken eggs. 3 muscovy eggs? They do not fit very well. They temp. shoots to 120*f sometimes, and dips to 80*f. I am worried! What do I do?

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Sounds like this is going to be a mystery till the very end! In other words, only time will tell. You might want to ask this question in our Incubation and Hatching Eggs Forums as I think you are going to need a lot of input on this one...

Maybe even the Duck section since you are hatching ducks...

Sorry I cannot be of more help with this. I think if this were happening with my eggs, all I could do is wait this one out. Try to keep the temp as stable as possible and when I started to see wiggling eggs, I would open up the vents, stop turning the eggs and crank up the humidity.

Good luck and keep us posted!
Well, the babies are basically dancing in their shells when we candle them, but we can't feel anything. It is a big, dark blob with the clear air sack, and lighter at the edge of the blob with veins. We think that they are close to 20 days in, but are not sure. We got them on Friday. They were at a nursing home!
Hello :frow and Welcome To BYC! TwoCrows gave you some good advice. Good luck with that hatch, it is going to be interesting to see what happens. Metzer farms has an article with candling pictures of duck eggs from day 1 to day 25 ... you maybe able to figure out pretty close what yours are comparing them
Our eggs look like they are around 24 days in, judging by those pictures. Thanks for the help so far! If you find anything else new, please, please post it!
I don't know anything about ducks, I would think 120 degrees would cook them. It certainly would if they were chicken eggs. Your best bet would be to post on the duck threads at "Other Backyard Poultry" forum above. Please let us know how the hatch goes, we do get emotionally involved in situations the newbies are experiencing.
Well, yesterday I heard a sound from the biggest egg. It's air cell has doubled in size since we found the eggs. I think I have only a few days until it hatches. If you have any ideas for a hatcher and brooder... I live in a suburban area. Keep that in mind. This will be my first hatch! I added one of my duck's eggs any it is already looking fertilized.
Well guys, bad news. All the eggs died. Two of them never made it to hatching time. The last one, though, was almost done. We went to bed at 11:00 P.M., and woke up at 6:30 A.M. When we woke up, we immediately checked on the perfect baby we had placed in the hatcher the night before, still in the shell, but only part of the way. Long story short, she was dead. Now we have 2 babies that we got, from the same family. One had splayed legs, and still does. Now 4 days old, we put a hobble on him. It was too tight, so we took it off today after school. His foot was swollen and has a bubble on it. Should we pop it?

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