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    Feb 9, 2014
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    Can a hen actually hold back from laying her egg and will it cause her any harm doing this?? My hen INSISTS she is NOT going to lay in the nest outside in their play area where the other hen lays her eggs often!! She wants to come back to the coop which is in our lanai and not an option for her to get back to. I have to hand carry them back and forth from coop to play area because the play area is quite aways from our lanai, being past the pool decking, tons of landscaping etc etc. I cannot be there to bring her in to lay her egg everyday then back out again!! That's just ridiculous!! However, she been racing back and forth across the gate in the play area, jumping ON the nest, etc etc just looking to see HOW she can possibly get out of there and back to the nest inside the coop!! This has been going on for nearly three hours already and I KNOW she obviously has to lay her egg??!! How long can she go on like this?? Will this make her egg bound?? Please help me??!!

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