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Sep 11, 2014
I have a lg9200 have 4 runner duck eggs in bator on day 29 no hatch yet, 2 have invisible movement the other 2 nothing. I recently noticed my temp was off by what looks like 8° any hope on saving these babies? Any help would be great. This is our 1st hatch.
From what I understand 'death zone' is below 97 and above 102 but I know from experiences if its very temporary (it was minutes for me) you'll be ok. How long was it, and how far along were they when you discovered it? How'd they look at last candle and when?
first dip the eggs into the water , if it floats then the egg is fine and if it doesn't then replace them with new ones.
start the process again but this time take care of temperature.
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Today is day 30 they were set 8/13 the therm/hyrdo that are off are the ones I started with so im assuming its been off since day one. Yesterday had me questioning things so thats when I decided to go get new therm/hydro to see if something was a miss.
Candle yesterday 2 had movement 2 did not at least not that I could make out.
The 3 I floated did not :( when I went to check the 4th I could feel movements and heard tapping :) candle really quick and its definitely internally pipped.
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