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    I gave my duck a ES soak and applied polysporn to her leg. She was nibbling at the polysporin and im afraid she ate it. Is it safe? Gave her a long drink. Please helo
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    Polysporin / neosporin / etc are mostly made up of petroleum jelly with a small amount of active ingredients- bacitracin, neomycin & polymyxin added. Petroleum jelly is essentially inert. (Though a lot will give her diarrhea)

    I would assume the amount of polysporin you applied to the affected area was small (you don't need to apply any more than a very thin coating layer to provide antibacterial wound protection), so it is likely the amount ingested, if any, is negligible.

    I wouldn't worry to much about it.

    But if you are really concerned, or the amount was significant, I'd continue to give her water, and some greens/pees/etc along with some regular feed to help get any through her system.

    Hope that helps!

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