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    So, I got 4 Pekin ducklings about 3 months ago and I'm pretty sure I ended up with 3 males and 1 female. So, to make it even my husband and I went to a local livestock auction and purchased two female Pekins. ADORABLE but, you could tell they were NOT taken care of. Poor things were covered in mud. So, one is severely bow legged and tonight after their nightly swim in the bathtub I noticed she might have a slight case of bumblefoot. Is there a way to treat this without going to a vet? Not that I don't want to take her it's just the closest vet that handles ducks is almost an hour and a half away. Any suggestions will help. THANKS! [​IMG]
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    Niacin, although I prefer a livestock multi vitaman.

    I'm also diggin the tractor supply pro-biotic and ducks went nuts for it. I mixed 1/4 package in a juice they're only getting half strength.

    Warm, therapeutic baths can make a difference. I had mine in one of those storage bins in the house and gave him peas and lettuce to chase. he stayed in there for 2.5 hours every day --1hr in the morning while I got ready for work, 1 hour when I made supper, then a 1/2 hour before bed. The duck not only survived, it thrived. He was completely lame when I started treatments

    This duck was 6 weeks and not 4 months, but it's worth a try. He spent about about a week and a half recooping. Since he was younger, I think he bounced back quicker. You may want to get a mirror or have a TV (mine watched youtube Charlie the unicorn to stave off cries). My guess is that between thereputic baths, vitimans and individual attention, you are looking at 2 week minimums.
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