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What is happening with my hatches? This is the 2nd clutch I have had in the incubator this year. I candled them before lock down and seen movement both times. The first clutch, no hatches. I cracked a couple eggs on day 25 to see if I could figure out when they died. There were live baby chicks, but they had not absorbed the yoke. Today is day 24 on my second clutch, I just cracked an egg. The chick was alive but very weak. What is going on? Last year I hatched 2 clutches, one was an 80% hatch rate and the 2nd was a 100% hatch rate. The temp and humidity has pretty much stayed level during the enitre time. Around 100.5 on temp and between 45 and 50% on humidity until day 18. The spiked the humidity up to between 60 and 65%.
I am a believer in dry incubation. I keep humidity at about 20-30% through incubation and leave the air vent open- checking air cell and loss of moisture when I candle and adjusting humidity to fit. If they are losing moisture too fast then add more water to increase humidity. Eggs vary on how they lose moisture due to the thickness, hardness and porousness of the shells. Too little loss of moisture in the air cell can cause chicks to "drown" when they internally pip.
Then at lock down, up the humidity to around 60-65 percent and put the plug in the air vent. Leave them alone and don't open the incubator until they have finished hatching.
You may want to do a search on dry incubation and read up on it to see if you would like to give it a try. Good luck

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